All of the Speed and Accuracy You Demand in Estimating Projects

With NONE of the Waiting

Up to 90% of Software Projects are Underestimated, Unmanageable or Over Budget

And until now, you relied on cumbersome and complex formulas to crunch the numbers, but even they needed detailed, accurate project requirements to start from.

In the tech world requirements and project scopes are always changing.

You Need an Estimation System that is as Adaptive and Agile as the Software You’re Developing

Software Risk Master (SRM) helps you eliminate cost overruns while helping you set realistic expectations for cost, quality and deliverability. SRM effortlessly helps you manage and understand risks associated with the tradeoffs between budget, time and quality.

Through our exceptional Software Risk Master solution, we can help you reliably assess the situation, even accounting for rapid changes and adjustments in scope and size, so that you can predict and demonstrate results with greater accuracy and confidence.

How it Works

Leveraging relevant data from recently completed, certified projects using machine-learning technology, Software Risk Master identifies and quantifies risk factors associated with underestimation of software projects.

This analysis can be done before requirements are completed, which in turn allows for better, more proactive preparedness in management oversight, leading to better outcomes and ultimately, project success.

Minimize Risk by Predicting Outcomes in Minutes

In software development, the requirements and scope often need to be nailed down before estimation can begin. Yet clients understandably want to know how long it will take until the project is delivered and how soon they can expect to launch. When critical issues including usability problems, bugs or even cancellation of the project come into play, developers must be ready to accurately predict the outcome even with large gaps in the available concrete information. Software Risk Master helps you do just that.

Risk Assessment for the Full Project Lifecycle

Software Risk Master can address rapid scope changes, automatically handling risk prediction and adjustments to development lifecycle tasks. Predicted values specify anticipated staffing requirements by role, quality outcomes, and even documentation. SRM allows you to anticipate and manage the complete project lifecycle while managing cost, quality and effort to produce a concrete end result as requirements evolve and change.